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and the black horse, famine

upon those tiny backs, bear they great calamity

Gaignun Kukai
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  • bearingcalamity@livejournal.com
u.r.t.v. 669

Series: Xenosaga
Height: 6'3"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Other: "669" tattooed into the palm of one hand
Clothing & Weapons: In terms of appearance, Gaignun isn't anything special in the slightest. He's a tall, lanky man. A slender, but firm build is hiding underneath that nicely tailored suit of his. Which isn't uncommon to see Gaignun in, fancy threads, that is, seeing as a Chairman has appearances to keep. However, it's all fairly simple. Usually black suits with splashes of color.

With it comes a long, almost thin face. He's of a fairly healthy complexion as well, dark hair sweeping forward and across his brow. Which is rather the distinction between him and his brothers. Gaignun actually appears healthy. As was as said dark hair and green eyes. The rather harmless appearance tends to aide in people thinking him a good-natured pushover...